credit Janine Bressmer

Juliette Ganne

Ph.D. Candidate

in Political Science/International Relations at the Graduate Institute for International and Development Studies.

Currently, I am a visiting researcher at the MacMillan Center, Yale University.

I study interactions among multinational organizations in conflict and post-conflict contexts using regime complexity theories. My methodology combines social network analysis and qualitative interviewing. I conduct fieldwork in Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Central African Republic, and France.


The last decades have seen an increase in the number of interventions in conflict and post-conflict zones led by multinational organizations and this trend does not seem to recede. Almost mechanically, this created environments where multiple organizations are intervening simultaneously. This thesis focuses on interactions in the field and in headquarters among organizations conducting missions and operations. Complexity theory tools help to understand those interactions by identifying that what cannot be explained by chance or rational choice is actually the result of underlying patterns, feedbacks loops, and interactions among and within multinational organizations. This thesis refocuses the discussions on International Organizations on a multilevel conceptualization, and embracing a complex system approach.